You made the move to Office 365®... Now what?

Simple....get what you expect from your new Office 365 cloud environment!

Email Services

Are you concerned about Office 365® email security, hybrid Office 365 environments, historical email migration, automated email compliance, signatures, and email organization? If so, this is the section for you!

Security & Compliance

Do you need to ensure data loss prevention and data governance measures are in place and being followed? Is your organization required to maintain certain types of logs? Are you required to perform audits, meet certain standards, regulations, or manage custom control implementation and compliance tracking? Yes? This is the section for you!

Management Services

If you need help with Office 365® administration, this is the service for you! Our admin-to-admin service includes service optimization, guidance, and reporting services that help you stay up-to-date and informed about the latest Office 365 updates and their implications for your organization.

Adoption Services

Let us help your organization transform the way it interacts with Microsoft tools. Our SaaS training and adoption platform helps users change old habits and perform quality work faster. This service provides managed communication, adoption action plans, metrics, and much more.

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Office 365 Email Services

Today, most companies need and expect more from email services. We've combined our engineering expertise with Office 365 to bring you more flexibility, visibility, and control over your messages than ever before. We've also partnered with the best-in-the-business email security experts to provide various levels of filtering, continuity, and archiving. Choose one of the categories below and discover how our solutions can save your organization time and money.

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Office 365 Security & Compliance

Ensure the proper privacy and compliance tools are enabled and configured correctly to protect your company and safeguard its valuable data. We can assess your Office 365 instance, recommend the settings needed, and perform the updates to meet your orgainizational requirements for:

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Office 365 Management Services

Digital transformation requires new skill sets and resources in addition to the support needed to maintain existing technologies that keep your business running. Many IT teams lack the time to stay on top of Office 365's constant updates. Let us manage the daily administrative operations in Office 365 utilizing our expert level resources, tools, and processes.

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Office 365 Adoption Services

Go beyond training and nurture an engaged culture of continuous learning. If your company is struggling to adopt Office 365 workloads beyond email, we can help fill the gap so you can optimize the return on your licensing investment.

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